Most jobs are charged at £30 per hour.

Some jobs, such as data recovery or system maintenance, can take a long time because of the time to transfer data or download updates. The hours charged for these jobs will not include the time waiting for long downloads to complete.

Every system is different, but some example prices for common jobs are:

  • 1 hour remote session to fix problems mentioned by customer - £30
  • Replace storage device and reinstall Windows - £45 + parts
  • Replace storage device, reinstall and recover documents (if possible) - £75 + parts
  • Laptop screen replacement - £45 + parts
  • Configure full system backup to customer supplied USB or Cloud provider - £45
  • Data recovery to a customer supplied external drive (if possible) - £30
  • Restore a full system from USB or Cloud backup - £75
  • Perform maintenance tasks on 5 workstations remotely - £100